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Are you a manager or a leader?

Is the whole leadership vs. management thing a red herring? Consider your own situation...
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Cartoon coach shouting through megaphone at four students running up a performance graph arrow

Introduce another player to the trainee/manager relationship

After delivering training you want to see behaviour change. The trainee may want to discuss this outside their line relationship. Introduce another player...
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Woman walking at a beach in the sunset

The walk of power and grace

The way you walk has an enormous effect on the way you feel, your confidence levels and even what other people think of you...
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Beware of the ‘ISLAGIATT’ principle

Have you ever said 'It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time' about one of your learning initiatives? How can you avoid it next ...
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The comfortable way to extend your comfort zone

You have heard the expression - "Feel the fear and do it anyway". There is often an easier way.
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Cartoon of a woman with her head on the desk with a laptop and mug, looking bored.

Do you have conscripts on your training programme?

If you have trainees on a course who do not want to be there, they probably won't do what is required to accomplish learning transfer. ...
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Simple shiny golden key on a white background

A simple key to leadership

Great leaders know this: People will do things when they know WHY, from their perspective, those things are important...
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Tap into your alumni to power your success

Consider using graduates of previous programmes to mentor new learners through their programme. Why?
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A hand holding up a lense filter in front of a landscape which changes the colours of the focus area

Your blind spots uncovered

Some of the most important growth areas for our personal development are not easily visible to us. Here is an idea how you can uncover ...
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smiley cartoon of an expert with glasses

The difference between experience and expertise

An experienced operator is someone who has had substantial exposure to a range of similar situations. However, if the situation is new or differs in ...
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