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Tap into your alumni to power your success

Consider using graduates of previous programmes to mentor new learners through their programme. Why?

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Your blind spots uncovered

Some of the most important growth areas for our personal development are not easily visible to us. Here is an idea how you can uncover them with the help of a friend…

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The difference between experience and expertise

An experienced operator is someone who has had substantial exposure to a range of similar situations. However, if the situation is new or differs in significant detail, the experienced person may not notice the differences.

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Getting your people to do what you want

In a nutshell, employees do what is measured, incentivised and celebrated. For any specific task are you focussed on the results you want?

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What does your onboarding tell people about learning transfer?

New starters in any organisation are at their most impressionable during their first few days and weeks. Examine your onboarding process and notice what messages and signals it sends to the new starter about learning transfer.

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New Year resolutions – some powerful thoughts

How are your New Years resolutions going? Or other goals you’re working towards? Here are some simple but powerful thoughts about goals and dreams.

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What does an Alchemist do in 2023?

Make 2023 the year you focus on tangibly improving impact from your L&D interventions. How? Focus on learning transfer.

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What does an Alchemist do in the New Year?

The New Year has started. There is another way to think about what you want to achieve…

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What does an Alchemist do at Christmas?

At Christmas, our thoughts turn to others. What could we give them? How can we make this time special for them? Who else could we include in some way?

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Ostrich head and part neck in front of blue sky. Ostrich looks like it's smiling.

Ostriches don’t have difficult conversations

There are times when you know that you should talk with someone, but don’t. Ostriches are famed for not wanting to see the elephant in the room either…

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