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Did you know that you have stakeholders?

Anything you do has stakeholders. People who are affected by what you do, and therefore have an interest, a stake, in it. So, who are ...
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Do you already know the cure?

Everyone seems to be searching for the magic information that will make a big difference in their lives. The truth is... you already know.
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How to deal with decision paralysis

What decision are you struggling with? If decision paralysis comes down to the fear of consequences, look at it from these four perspectives...
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Don’t shoot the youngster

When an idea is small and new, it is fragile and weak. When presented with a brand new idea, think 'what if?' rather than 'that ...
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‘Got a minute?’ is never a minute

If you are a manager, you hear this all the time – "got a minute". But it's never a minute. You want to be accessible, ...
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Kurt Lewin’s model of change

You deliver a training course because your sponsor wants change. For change to happen, consider the Kurt Lewin model of change...
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New thinking to save the day

Most would say that today we are in turbulent times. Stop and consider... what are you thinking or doing that does not seem to work ...
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Is cultural memory destroying your training course?

Does culture eat your training for breakfast? Will the organisational culture untrain your people as fast as you train them?
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Make sure bad news travels fast

If bad news travels slowly in your organisation, then you have a problem. It means your organisation probably has a blame culture...
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How much time is necessary?

Your trainees are in the classroom, then they are released back to their jobs. How much more time is required to create real and lasting ...
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