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laptop clock pen and penholders on a desk in black and white

How to beat procrastination

What task is on your list that you keep deferring? The 15-minute method is a way to help overcome inertia …

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cartoon drawing of a hand flipping a coin

A different way to decide by tossing a coin

A different way to decide by tossing a coin Ever been stuck and unable to decide between two courses of …

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emoji smiling showing teeth

Smile… it’s good for you

Most people smile much less often than they think they do. How do you feel when you smile? Pretty good! …

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jigsaw with word solution and the s piece going in last

People like you more when you talk solutions

Do you habitually talk about problems, or talk about solutions? Problem talk includes descriptions of what the problems are, analysis …

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car exterior mirror showing blind spot

How ‘what you know’ can hurt you

Mark Twain said “It is not what we don’t know that gets us into trouble. It is what we think …

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Japanese tea set up with tea master figurines

Advice from a samurai

It happened a long, long time ago in Japan. A man ran a popular tea shop and was a master …

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silhouette of a man in front of a sunset over the ocean

Your reputation for confidence

Confidence is an interesting concept. You can have confidence in yourself, or others can have confidence in you. From the …

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ginger cat looking sheepish hiding its face in its paws

It wasn’t me… honest!

We all have the experience of applying a solution to a problem, and the problem gets worse. The Germans even …

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Man biting into a lemon pulling a face

Any strong emotion makes us stupid

Think of your own experience, and things you have done that you later wondered why you did something so stupid. …

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Pencil drawing of Yoda

They won’t do it!

When you hear… ‘I will do it…’ vs. ‘I will try to do it…’ Which one gives you confidence? I …

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