June 3, 2024

Make a change… any change

part of a door with a sign that says change

What do you habitually do?

Change it and notice what happens.

Eat your lunch at a different time, drive a different route, do your hair a different way, wear a different ‘uniform’. Spend some time with different people.

Do you want different things to turn up in your life, in your work?

Do you want different ideas to pop into your head?

If you are totally happy with the status quo, keep doing what you are doing. It’s working 🙂

However, if you want something different, you need to do something different. So, start with the small things, even if the change seems to have no purpose. Notice what is easy to change, and what is not, and realise how this either limits or liberates you.

Read a different part of the newspaper, or don’t read it at all.
Watch different TV programmes, or don’t watch TV.
Drink a different beer, or don’t go to the pub.

What are you going to do differently today?

My best wishes, Paul

Paul Matthews

CEO and Founder of People Alchemy

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