Are you ready to look in the mirror, dig deep and ask the tough questions about what’s really causing your L&D problems? Then Paul’s the L&D expert to help...

When to call Paul

  • You know there are underlying L&D problems, but you’re not sure what they are or how to start unearthing them
  • You want to move towards a learning culture in your organisation
  • You need to get more behaviour change and thus impact from training
  • You want people to be responsible for their own learning
  • You want to embrace digital transformation of your learning delivery
  • You need to do more with informal learning approaches
  • You know you should be doing performance consultancy, but where to start?
  • You need to create or rework your learning and development strategy
  • You want to shift your L&D team towards a more business-oriented approach
  • You want to elevate the standing of the L&D department within the organisation
  • You need to cut costs, but you can’t just do less, you have to do things differently.
  • You need a new perspective on an old problem

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What’s the elephant in the room?

What’s happening to cause your L&D issues?

No, not that. Think again. What’s really happening?

When you work with Paul to find a solution, the first place he looks is behind the problem. Then he’ll prod around, because he knows from experience that the root causes of an L&D problem usually go deeper than the effects you see on a day-to-day basis.

His work with you will give you visibility around the real issues and put you in a position to start thinking about them in a way that can lead to powerful, meaningful solutions. It will ultimately help you unlock the potential of your people by helping you look at things differently.

If you have been looking at a problem for a while, it can seem intractable. You need a new perspective, a new viewpoint, a new focus. Sometimes that’s a bigger picture, sometimes it’s in the detail.

Like this different picture of an elephant.

Photo credit: Michael Poliza
Elephant trunk tip drinking water

Do you have a ‘problem box’?

“The thing is, a problem is only a problem because of the boundaries someone has put around it. So, we’ll talk about any ‘problem box’ that you might have. Part of my job is to sit in the problem box long enough that I see your problem and empathise with you, but not so long that I get stuck in it. Together, we’ll get you out of the box so you can see the solutions that are waiting for you outside it. I’ll then give you the tools to activate them.” Paul Matthews

Let’s start with a conversation

If it’s lasting change and real success you’re looking for, you’ll know that addressing the real causes (and not the effects) HAS to be the starting point. And that’s exactly what Paul, as one of the foremost experts on L&D, will help you identify. Get in touch today for a no-obligation conversation about how he can help