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13 Barriers to Implementing Learning Transfer

– and how to beat them

In Learning and Development we are all aware of the need for learning transfer of training programmes to ensure they achieve the required business impact. Yet, L& professionals are still ignoring the elephant in the room. This ebook shares the most common barriers to the implementation of learning transfer processes and, more importantly, how to overcome them.

How to Reboot Training for
Tangible Business Impact

Updated 3rd edition!

Paul initially wrote the ebook in 2020 because so many people, due to COVID-19, took what they delivered in the classroom and moved it onto a virtual platform. In effect, they were ‘webinising’ their training course.

This quick and dirty emergency solution has shortcomings which won’t stand the test of time.

Get this free ebook to learn how to fix this problem now that we are leaving the pandemic behind and can focus on the future of learning, remote or otherwise.

the guides

Download one of Paul’s free Best Practice Learning and Development Guides.

Written by Paul Matthews, each of these practical guides delves into some core areas of Learning & Development.

Regarded as an authority in the people development space, Paul has been praised by former clients and industry peers for breaking down the principles of L&D in a relatable, easy-to-understand way. Communicating the fundamentals easily and enabling L&D professionals to get to grips with them quickly, led to him writing these exclusive best practice guides. For both new and experienced people professionals, they show you what to focus on for success.

They provide insight and advice on key concepts that are vital to anybody in an L&D role. They’ll introduce you to ideas that are at the forefront of L&D thinking. They’re short and practical – and written to help you take action. Our goal is to help you unlock your potential and improve the performance of your people. So browse, help yourself, and share if you’d like to.

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How to find out what stops people being capable

Capability is a slippery concept. It’s also one that many organisations don’t focus on. Yet capability actually comes down to a simple question: can the worker do the task at the point of work? Find out how to decide what you need to do to turn incapability into capability.

How to design learning workflows that ensure learning transfer

L&D professionals want  learning transfer, so the learning is operationalised in the day-to-day flow of work in a useful and positive way.

This guide will take you through the design steps to create a learning workflow that is guaranteed to change behaviour, and explain how you can deliver this.

How to support new managers so they become capable more quickly

How do managers in your organisation get started? Sink or swim? There’s a better way to help you minimise the risk of losing new managers – and Paul outlines it in this thought-provoking and practical Guide.

What their interdependence means for you

There is a strong link between leadership and learning, and this guide explains that link and where engagement fits into the mix. The Guide also shows how the organisational learning environment can act as a brake or accelerator on the effects of leadership.

How to harness informal learning without killing it

It’s learning that just happens. It isn’t scheduled. It’s spontaneous.

In this Guide, discover why it’s the powerhouse of learning and how you can start to make it work for your organisation.

e-learning vs e-Reference – a vital distinction

Maybe this Guide will fundamentally change your thinking, or perhaps it will confirm that you’re on the right track.

Either way, it’s worth the few minutes it takes to read it. And it might save you from making an expensive mistake.

Tips booklets

Paul loves writing tips, so here are three books full of useful ones to amuse you on your commute…

Paul’s aim is to inspire you, provoke thought and deliver tangible solutions to everyday problems through his free tips booklets. They’re ideal as a learning resource as well as starting point for training and development. We think you’ll find them useful even if you don’t work in the L&D function of your organisation. Read more about them and download your free e-copies by following the links below.

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17 Essential Tips for L&D People

50 Essential Tips for Managers

50 Essential Tips for You at Work

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