February 19, 2024

They are such an idiot!

We are often incensed by how stupid, ignorant or (insert your own adjective here) other people can be.

I mean, we would never do that!

And whenever we try and make something idiot proof, the world seems intent on creating a better-quality idiot to confound our efforts.

Actually, everyone is reasonable.

It’s just that they have their own reasons, and we don’t know what those reasons are.

From their perspective, they are being sensible.

But from ours, when we observe someone else, we make assumptions about what is motivating their actions.

That is a recipe for misunderstanding, hurt feelings and arguments.

When someone behaves in a way that is incomprehensible to you, notice your reaction.

Are they really such an idiot?

Or just working from a different set of beliefs and a different world view?

How can you seek to understand their perspective?

My best wishes, Paul

Paul Matthews

CEO and Founder of People Alchemy

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