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Woman standing with arms stretched out against random items flying at her

New thinking to save the day

Most would say that today we are in turbulent times. Stop and consider... what are you thinking or doing that does not seem to work ...
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A jet breaking through the sonic barrier

A breakthrough thought

A breakthrough, a change, a solution, or an insight comes as the result of a new thought. That's all it is... a new thought.
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Blackboard with winking smiley and Albert Einstein quote

How to define a problem so you can solve it

Problems pile up and soak up your time. They glare at you from your to-do list and you’re not quite sure of the next step.
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jigsaw with word solution and the s piece going in last

People like you more when you talk solutions

Do you habitually talk about problems, or talk about solutions? Problem talk includes descriptions of what the problems are, analysis ...
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car exterior mirror showing blind spot

How ‘what you know’ can hurt you

Mark Twain said “It is not what we don’t know that gets us into trouble. It is what we think ...
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Japanese tea set up with tea master figurines

Advice from a samurai

It happened a long, long time ago in Japan. A man ran a popular tea shop and was a master ...
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ginger cat looking sheepish hiding its face in its paws

It wasn’t me… honest!

We all have the experience of applying a solution to a problem, and the problem gets worse. The Germans even ...
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cartoon hero with red cape

Your hero to the rescue

“John would know what to do. If only he were here right now.” Have you ever said something like that ...
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Teaching a child

The expert’s trap

When an expert tackles a problem, they have many advantages, and also some disadvantages. “In the beginner’s mind, there are ...
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Man lying on grass looking at blue sky

How to defeat the problem box

This is the eighth in a series of tips on how to handle crazy busy and not get caught up ...
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