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A frozen bubble on a feathery bush branch on blurred blue background

New Year resolutions – some powerful thoughts

How are your New Years resolutions going? Or other goals you’re working towards? Here are some simple but powerful thoughts about goals and dreams.

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Red heart on top of a heart beat line on orang background

What does an Alchemist do in the New Year?

The New Year has started. There is another way to think about what you want to achieve…

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a man and a woman in front of Christmas lights handing over a gift

What does an Alchemist do at Christmas?

At Christmas, our thoughts turn to others. What could we give them? How can we make this time special for them? Who else could we include in some way?

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Ostrich head and part neck in front of blue sky. Ostrich looks like it's smiling.

Ostriches don’t have difficult conversations

There are times when you know that you should talk with someone, but don’t. Ostriches are famed for not wanting to see the elephant in the room either…

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golden robot arm on blue background and blue writing strategy with arrow pointing to the hand holding a spanner

We need a strategy to fix this

“We need a strategy to fix this” – But what is a strategy anyway? I notice that many people get confused between strategy and planning…

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duck and ducklings crossing a road, lined up in a row behind the mother duck

How to get your ducks in a row

I have been working on a project recently and suddenly realised that I was making a classic mistake. I was waiting until I had everything ‘ready’ before starting.

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A jet breaking through the sonic barrier

A breakthrough thought

A breakthrough, a change, a solution, or an insight comes as the result of a new thought. That’s all it is… a new thought.

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A girl closely watching anohter girl writing or drawing something

How to become an expert

Do you want to become an expert? If so, what field? What do you want to master? Here’s a great way to grow faster…

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black & white image of woods with a woman in blue jeans and blue umbrella dancing

Dance in the rain

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Vivian Greene – What does it mean to you?

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cartoon holding stop sign in one hand and speech bubble from its head

‘That’s interesting’ – What do you do next?

You are reading and find yourself thinking ‘that’s interesting’. Rather than just read on, STOP…

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