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Jeans, t-shirt and accessories laid out for fashion shoot

How to look good in jeans

Changing what you have, comes from changing who you are. And changing who you are comes from changing what you think. Notice what you're thinking ...
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Woman with both arms out in thought with thought bubbles around her head

Do you want something to change?

Whatever change you want, thinking brand new thoughts is far more conducive to creating life changes than thinking different varieties of the same old.
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Cartoon of hands gold panning

How to handle criticism

Steven K Scott wrote that every criticism contains water, sand, and gold. Here's a thought...
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puppy dog cocking its head listening

The doorway to understanding

When you're having a conversation at work, or at home, do you listen in order to understand? Or do you simply listen in order to ...
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Did you know that you have stakeholders?

Anything you do has stakeholders. People who are affected by what you do, and therefore have an interest, a stake, in it. So, who are ...
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cat stretched out comfortably on a cat sofa

Do you already know the cure?

Everyone seems to be searching for the magic information that will make a big difference in their lives. The truth is... you already know.
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cartoon of man on a junction where he could go left or right

How to deal with decision paralysis

What decision are you struggling with? If decision paralysis comes down to the fear of consequences, look at it from these four perspectives...
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A gardener's hand holding a seedling

Don’t shoot the youngster

When an idea is small and new, it is fragile and weak. When presented with a brand new idea, think 'what if?' rather than 'that ...
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Top part of a wall clock showing second and minute hands

‘Got a minute?’ is never a minute

If you are a manager, you hear this all the time – "got a minute". But it's never a minute. You want to be accessible, ...
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Woman standing with arms stretched out against random items flying at her

New thinking to save the day

Most would say that today we are in turbulent times. Stop and consider... what are you thinking or doing that does not seem to work ...
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