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black board with wooden frame and Why? written in white chalk

Be wary of the power of ‘Why?’

Imagine you see someone, a colleague, a friend, even a partner, doing something wrong, and it matters to you. Or …

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person walking across a bridge on autumn leaves


If you don’t like where you are, keep moving.
The only way to change the scenery around you is to move.

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cartoon woman holding a book and thinking with question marks on the left and light bulbs on her right

A checklist for when you think about managers

First Monday of the month = L&D Monday The local line manager, and their input into the learning transfer process, …

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single pearl on the ground

Ever been certain of something, and wrong?

Have you ever been really certain of something, only later to find out you were wrong? Have you ever dismissed …

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woman's silhouette drawn on green background and a big question mark

What to ask yourself afterwards

Do you learn from what just happened? Or do you lose the learning by beating yourself up for failing?

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Blackboard with winking smiley and Albert Einstein quote

How to define a problem so you can solve it

Problems pile up and soak up your time. They glare at you from your to-do list and you’re not quite sure of the next step.

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grey horse wearing a halter and lead rope in a lake

How can you put salt in their oats?

First Monday of the month = L&D Monday You know, don’t you, that managers are critical for helping people apply …

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man standing on a gravel road by a field with a sun set behind

How to get more free time

Mark Twain said, “Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do. Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.”

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drawing of two cats hugging

Do you really mean it?

Approach everything you care about as if you really, really mean it.
And I really, really mean it.

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Red mechanical alarm clocks disappearing in a hole in space

Where does my time go?

You haven’t stopped all day. The day is done, but not that job you wanted to do today. Sound familiar? …

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