May 15, 2023

Get visibility of what line managers are doing post training

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You have delivered a training course and it’s well known that the attitude and input from the line managers of the delegates will be pivotal in determining whether those delegates are able to operationalise what they learned in your training.

Now, it is true that managers don’t necessarily accept that their role includes being teachers and coaches, so it’s important to support them and make it easy for them.

This means that you need visibility of whether the managers are stepping up.

If you don’t have line manager support, your programme will likely have little useful impact.

Which ones are being supportive, and which are not?

Which ones are holding delegates accountable for the post-event activities and progress.

Is there a pattern? Which business units are better at learning transfer than others?

Ask the delegates or send them a simple questionnaire.

Talk to us if you want more ideas to ‘see’ your line managers.

My best wishes, Paul

Paul Matthews

CEO and Founder of People Alchemy

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