Category: Paul’s Monday Tips

Two childrens' hands pinky promise

A competitive advantage

I grew up in a family where keeping promises was, well, normal. So it was a bit of a shock ...
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The word 'feedback' written on a blackboard

Better now, or perfect later

  “The goal is not to be perfect by the end. The goal is to be better today” Simon Sinek ...
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Mind the gap between train and platform

Minding the gap

What is on your list of things you want to do, or know you should do – but don’t? I ...
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Dream catcher hanging in front of sun and clouds

What are your dreams?

Many people take holidays in the summer, and it is often a time of reflection away from the busyness of ...
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Girl climbing on a large clock face and breaking the second hand

The habits of time management

Some people seem to get a lot out of their time, others not so much. What’s the difference? I think ...
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Looking into distance through transparent phone silhouette

Communication is the response we get

I was reminded of this principle a few days ago watching a movie. From my perspective, as the watcher, I ...
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Signpost with yes and no pointing opposite directions

Trick question about meetings

A meeting must be intended to cause something, or the existence of the meeting should be questioned. So… The next ...
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Baby doll throwing toys in anger

Who is managing who?

I ran a workshop on learning transfer last week and got the inevitable comment, “I wish my boss was here, ...
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Peacock standing proud

Do the anniversaries make me different?

So many people sent me lovely messages following last week’s blog about my two anniversaries. Thank you! Several people said ...
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20 year anniversary badge

Happy anniversaries to me!

My blog is a little different this morning. I have two anniversaries to celebrate. The first Monday morning tip went ...
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