Man spoon feeding a toddler

Hold your own spoon

Oh no! Not again 🙁 Another question from someone who could have figured it out for themselves and instead they come and ask me. I inwardly sigh and give them the answer… again. I’ll be honest, it does give my …

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WOLS 2020.Learning Magazine.What drives real change

Behaviour change needs a workflow solution

Behaviour change needs a workflow solution, not a learning one. I explain why in the World of Learning Summit Learning Magazine feature article Please comment if you want to find out about the Workflow Approach as shared in the …

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Husky happy in the snow

Is happiness your ultimate goal for 2021?

A survey in the US in 2016 asked if people would rather ‘achieve great things or be happy’. 81% said they would rather be happy, 13% opted for doing great things and 6% seemed daunted by the question and weren’t …

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Good news to start the year

Happy New Year – I hope you are all keeping safe! It’s nice to start the new year with some good news from 2020 😊 I received a welcome 5-star review for my WOL Summit Conference session ‘Behaviour change needs …

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New Year full moon 2021

Happy New Year! … now what?

We are welcoming in 2021 with perhaps more uncertainty than any other year in recent memory. Now what? What is your intention for this year? You do have one, even if it is just a default intention that you have …

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Elev-8 podcast banner

Elev-8 podcast

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InstituteLM L&D strategy webinar

‘L&D strategy: the three invisible elephants’ on demand webinar

*** If you missed the webinar, it’s now available on demand *** My first webinar in 2021 will be for the Institute LM. I look forward to sharing my latest thoughts on the ‘L&D strategy: the three invisible elephants’ …

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Girl with eyes closed imagining something

Goodwill to all

Thank you for reading my weekly missive. I hope it has been of some help during these most strange, and for many, stressful times. Instead of me writing a tip for you, stop for a moment and think about what …

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