3 giraffes who look to be in conversation against a blue and white sky

Who controls the conversation?

Two people are having a conversation. One person is asking all the questions and the other person is giving all the answers. Who controls the conversation? The one asking the questions! That being so…If you are a manager who is …

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girl showing five plus five fingers behind black board saying 5+5

Making a difference the simple way

If something is simple, …it is more likely to be practical If it is practical, …it is more likely to be used If it is used, …it is more likely to make a difference So, look at something you want …

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Banner for L&D Mastermind Behaviour Change webinar

Webinar: Barriers to behaviour change

In this webinar for L&D Mastermind I will be looking at what behaviours you are trying to change in your organisation right now. And the barriers you are likely to come up against that are stopping you from achieving sustainable …

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penguin leading a huddle of penguins

Are you a leader?

You are a leader if you have followers, even if only briefly and occasionally. So why would someone follow you? Because… They think you know where you are going They think that where you are going is better than where …

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Man looking thoughtful with question marks in the background

Ask a different question

We often judge others by the level of questions they ask us. It is said that ‘there is no such thing as a stupid question’, but how many of us really believe that? We should also judge ourselves too, and …

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ginger cat looking sheepish hiding its face in its paws

It wasn’t me… honest!

We all have the experience of applying a solution to a problem, and the problem gets worse. The Germans even have a word for making something worse through an attempt to make things better: Schlimmbesserung Maybe it’s something simple like …

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cartoon tiger on hindlegs, arms wide, excited face

Are you hiring?

How are your resolutions for 2022 going? WAIT! Don’t go away. This isn’t yet another grit your teeth platitude about New Year resolutions. Think of what you want to achieve. Maybe a NY resolution, maybe a personal goal you have, …

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Boussia LD Conference 2022 Greece banner

Workflow solutions to achieve sustainable behaviour change

New Year, new speaking engagements 🙂 Starting my schedule with a session for the L&D Conference in Greece, and part of a great line up! Online and in English – find out more & register here. My best wishes, Paul

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