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The Guide to Learning Transfer

People Alchemy's guide to learning transfer signposts to resources enabling L&D to deliver on a critical aspect of the majority of training programmes.
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How to handle criticism

Steven K Scott wrote that every criticism contains water, sand, and gold. Here's a thought...
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The doorway to understanding

When you're having a conversation at work, or at home, do you listen in order to understand? Or do you simply listen in order to reply?
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CLO100 Meet the Author

Great session with interesting discussions if you want to find out more about Learning Transfer, or writing a book – a recording is available for premium members here. If you haven’t joined the CLO100 yet, contact us for complimentary access ...
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Did you know that you have stakeholders?

Anything you do has stakeholders. People who are affected by what you do, and therefore have an interest, a stake, in it. So, who are they, and do you care about them?
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Go back to basics before embracing shiny new technologies

New technologies may be shiny and their impact on learning and development valid, but they don’t guarantee success. It’s important that the essential groundwork of L&D basics isn’t overlooked and that tech is seen as a supportive tool, not a ...
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Learning from puppies: Training is for life not just for Christmas

Training is often still just focused on the training event. But to generate impact we need to create capability and see ourselves as capability managers.
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Do you already know the cure?

Everyone seems to be searching for the magic information that will make a big difference in their lives. The truth is... you already know.
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