warning-don't do that

“You shouldn’t do that!”

Last week I mentioned something I intended to do, and the horrified reaction? “You shouldn’t do that! It’s not right!” And the opposite has happened to me where someone did something that I would/could never do. Each person has their …

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supportive helping hands

Please, I could really use your help

What was your reaction when you read the subject line? Generous? Dismissive? Curious? What assumptions did you make about me? Then think about this quote from a book by Charlie Mackesy. “Asking for help isn’t giving up; it’s refusing to …

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Absorb Virtual Summit 2021

The Absorb Virtual Summit is back 14-16 September 2021!I’ve been invited to deliver a strategic L&D session on ‘Designing Programs for Behavior Change’ on the first day. Learn more and register here. My best wishes, Paul

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Happy, not happy, somewhere in the middle?

We have happy days, we have not so happy days. And some of those sad days are crushing and horrible. What if you could trade a fantastically happy day to avoid having a horrible sad day? Would you do it? …

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PACT webinar.Solving the Performance Puzzle

Solving the Performance Puzzle

Join me on 10th September when I’m solving the performance puzzle with the Professional Association for Computer Training. Get your guest ticket here. My best wishes, Paul

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dog wearing glasses thinking about what he learned today

What did you learn in school today?

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ILAW by Paul Matthews

Kindle freebie: Informal Learning at Work

We have just started a 5 day Kindle freebie* for ‘Informal Learning at Work: How to Boost Performance in Tough Times’ by Paul Matthews. Get your download hereUK: your local Amazon site.  Happy reading 🙂 *ends on Tuesday …

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New light to see new things

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Stop….. And think about that. Now. Next question: Is your life as you would like it right now? No? Then you need to do something different, something new, …

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