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The first steps to effective learning transfer

You know you need to start including learning transfer in your training programme design. So what are the first steps to do this effectively? Find out in Paul’s latest article here…

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What to ask yourself afterwards

Do you learn from what just happened? Or do you lose the learning by beating yourself up for failing?

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How to define a problem so you can solve it

Problems pile up and soak up your time. They glare at you from your to-do list and you’re not quite sure of the next step.

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How can you put salt in their oats?

First Monday of the month = L&D Monday You know, don’t you, that managers are critical for helping people apply their learning on the job. Of course you know that! So, how can you enlist the management population as collaborators …

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But we already do learning transfer… honest!

Paul recently wrote a new blog inspired by the conversations he has with L&D people who have started to implement learning transfer. But are they doing enough? Are your learning programmes set up with learning transfer in mind? Read the …

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How to get more free time

Mark Twain said, “Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do. Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.”

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Five unexpected barriers to learning transfer

A lack of learning transfer is costing organisations money and preventing employees from doing their jobs properly. Paul shared some perhaps less obvious barriers and what L&D can do about it in this recently published article on TrainingZone. Read on…

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Do you really mean it?

Approach everything you care about as if you really, really mean it.
And I really, really mean it.

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