Robin Hoyle


Robin Hoyle gives a short testimonial on Paul Matthews as a speaker.

Robin is the chair of the World of Learning Conference which is held annually in the UK at the National Exhibition Center. He has seen Paul speak at the conference on many occasions.


Hello, my name is Robin Hoyle and I am amongst other things, the Chair of the World of Learning Conference, the annual event at the National Exhibition Center in the UK.

I’ve known Paul Matthews now for probably about a decade. And in fact, the first time that I ever met Paul it was because he was speaking at an event. And I can still remember that he comes across with amazing clarity, even when talking about things that are really quite complex and quite nuanced. And one of the reasons that he’s able to be so clear, is he’s a great storyteller. So he’ll illustrate points with a story from his experience, one which is accessible to lots of people. And he does so in a certain self-effacing quality so that it’s never about Paul, it’s always about what Paul is talking about. That’s incredibly valuable.

I think there are generations of learning and development folk who have seen Paul speak, who have spoken to him after events because he’s very, very generous with his time, and have gained real value, even if it’s only from a 15, 20 or 30 minute input from Paul at an event, because he does know what he’s talking about, he speaks with great clarity, and he’s a really, really nice guy to work with.