Learning Transfer at Work: How to Ensure Training >> Performance

Here’s what Paul has to say about learning transfer…

Learning, and the hoped-for subsequent behaviour change is a process, and yet we focus on the training event thinking that if we can only get that right, everything else will be wonderful. This is no more true for training than it is for a wedding. The quality of the wedding ceremony does not predict the quality of the subsequent marriage. There is a lot more to do after the ceremony, and there is also a lot more to do after the training event to get to ‘happily ever after’.

Sadly, very few people do what it takes to get even reasonable results from their training events. As Robin Hoyle puts it, “Learning transfer has been L&D’s dirty little secret for too long. Too much of what learning teams do is well-intentioned but ultimately underwhelming.”

In this book, I explain learning transfer in a way that will enable you to talk with non-L&D people and convince them of the need for their proactive involvement. This is important because learning transfer is a team effort that involves many people across the organisation and across an extended timeframe. You need ‘organisational’ level buy-in.

From there I provide a huge resource of actionable hints, tips and strategies which will enhance your ability to ensure that learning interventions make a positive difference to employee skills and therefore an organisation’s capability.

In Part 2, there are 166 tips from me, and 27 contributions from L&D practitioners with their own hints and tips.

Don’t just deliver training. Learn how to deliver change. Which do you think is more valuable to your organisation?

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For this, you will discover how the role of anybody involved in workplace training to improve performance MUST incorporate proactive learning transfer. Here is how to extend your reach beyond the classroom to tangibly improve worker capability and performance, right at the point of work.

Here are the chapter headings…

  • Foreword by Andy Lancaster, CIPD
  • What is Learning Transfer?
  • Why do we avoid it?
  • But we already do learning transfer!
  • Where does it start?
  • Informal learning
  • The Learning Stack
  • Triggers that work
  • Mindset
  • Near and far transfer
  • Creating new habits
  • Support
  • Measurement
  • The brand of L&D
  • The practical stuff
    o Tips, ideas, tools and questions
  • Companion reading
  • Index

It is clear that Learning and Development is under increasing scrutiny and must deliver better results with its budget. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for L&D practitioners.

The opportunity is yours for the taking!

My very best wishes,

Paul Matthews
Founder and MD
People Alchemy Ltd

“This will be a ‘must read’ and ‘need to put into practice’ for everyone in my team going forward.”

Jeff Uden (Head of Talent)

“This book finally offers some answers on how to pin this down and really make it happen; a great read!”

Joe Tidman (Head of L&D)

“Paul points out some uncomfortable truths that haunt our profession and brings a load of ideas and practical suggestions together in one book.

Gill Palfrey-Hill (Director of Global People Development and Talent)

“A helpful toolbox with more than 165 tips of how this can be done on a strategic as well as on an operational level.”

Dr Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

“Anyone who is looking to the future of learning must read this book.

Nathan Baker (Director of Engineering Knowledge)

“The book is really good Paul and I’m glad you didn’t resist your writing demon!!

Paul Armstrong (Head of L&D)

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