Kay Buckby


Kay Buckby gives a short testimonial on Paul Matthews as a speaker.

Kay is a long-standing L&D professional and organises the Trainers Network Northamptonshire. Paul has spoken at several of their events over the years.


Hi everyone. I’m Kay Buckby. I run a network for learning and development people called the Trainers Network Northamptonshire. We’re for anyone who’s passionate about learning and development.

I first saw Paul speak to a group at the Learning and Skills Conference down in Olympia, and I was completely thrilled when he said yes to come speak to my group. Considering he speaks all around the world for people like the ATD, at Learning and Skills, and also for the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning. A small regional network group to get somebody like Paul, I was completely overwhelmed.

The feedback that I got was very good. He’s welcome back any time. He’s reliable, he has great rapport-building skills, he has good know-how, and really shares his expertise with the room. My groups certainly were completely thrilled. I had 48, which is the largest ever number I’ve ever had turn up for a Trainers Network Northamptonshire, which speaks volumes for Paul’s credibility.

He’s also a thoroughly nice guy to know, and he has helped me with a testimonial to enable us to get the Network Group of the Year in the SME awards. So I’d completely recommend Paul as a speaker for your events, and as a learning and development professional.