Dr Ina Weinbauer-Heidel


Dr Ina Weinbauer-Heidel gives a short testimonial on Paul Matthews as a speaker.

Ina is the head and founder of the Institute for Transfer Effectiveness based in Austria. She is an acknowledged expert in the field. She has shared the conference stage with Paul on a couple of occasions and also collaborated on webinars.


I’m Ina Weinbauer-Heidel, I am head and founder of the Institute for Transfer Effectiveness. Paul Matthews for me, combines four ingredients that a great speaker needs. Which is solid knowledge, many years of practical experience, the gift to tell inspiring stories, and to bring them to the audience with his great charm.

Working with him is uncomplicated, efficient, always inspiring, and really enjoyable. And I especially love his impactful images, be it elephants, playing children, caring chimpanzees. Those pictures make his key messages stick in the audience minds for years. So I really enjoy listening to him and I can just recommend him as a great speaker.