October 24, 2022

How to become an expert

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Do you want to become an expert?

If so, what field? What do you want to master?

A great way to grow faster is to be around people who are smarter than you in your chosen area of growth. Hang around people who have thought a lot about the subject, have come up with new ideas, have ‘lived it’ and done it.

Find out who is good at what you want to do and figure out a way to ‘hang out’ with them. This could mean buying them lunch, but in this internet age, we have far more choice in how we engage with them and follow their thinking.

These days you have access to experts worldwide and you will find that experts often love to share.

They learned from others and are often keen to ‘pay it forward’.

This week, ask an expert in order to advance your own journey in your chosen field.

Go on, what’s the worst that could happen?

My best wishes, Paul

Paul Matthews

CEO and Founder of People Alchemy

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