March 13, 2023

Do you have conscripts on your training programme?

Cartoon of a woman with her head on the desk with a laptop and mug, looking bored.

Every trainer I have ever spoken with has stories about trainees on their courses who really did not want to be there. It is very unlikely that these trainees will participate in the follow-up activities needed to transfer the material from the classroom into their workflow.

If they won’t do what is required to accomplish learning transfer, there is little point in having them in the classroom or on the programme.

(Unless you are just ticking compliance boxes, but that is another story.)


You need to sell them on THEIR need for the training, so they say with confidence…

  • I want to do this training course!
  • I can do what is required of me, and I have the support I need to do it!
  • I will commit to doing what it takes to get good at this!*

Look at a current training course you run.

Do your trainees arrive on your course with that mindset?

What if they did?

My best wishes, Paul

*These are three of the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness. Dr Ina Weinbauer-Heidel.

Eva McCann

Sales & Marketing Manager at People Alchemy

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