“Fast track your new managers to capability — here’s how!”

You know it takes time for any new manager to become a ‘safe pair of hands’. Even if you provide lots of training, they need time to get the learning experiences they need to become truly capable.

Management, like riding a bike, is best learned in the saddle. The experiential and social learning that takes place on their management journey is what really counts as they become proficient. What if you could collapse that required experience into a shorter period of time, and also provide a mechanism to ensure they get the learning they need from their experience?

What would it be worth to your organisation to accelerate the time to proficiency for new managers?

There is a way, and this Best Practice Guide shows you how with a simple process you can create and use in your organisation.

This guide was first written as an article for Training Journal (UK), August 2013, and received a lot of great feedback. I have added some more information to create the Guide.

By the way, I’m Paul Matthews and for over 20 years, I have worked with organisations to make their learning more effective. This is one of a series of Best Practice Guides I have written on topics that are useful to L&D practitioners.

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My very best wishes,

Paul Matthews
Founder and MD
People Alchemy Ltd

Comments on the Best Practice Guides

“They are well-produced, clearly written and thought-provoking – I’m extremely glad to have them.

Lucy Squire (HR Consultant)

“I feel the themes are pitched just right – allowing for a quick read whilst stimulating both thought and action.”

George (Support Manager)

“This concept is so obvious, so why don’t we all practice it?

Tony Bulmer (Learning Manager)

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