Beryl Oldham


Beryl Oldham gives a short testimonial on Paul Matthews as a speaker.

Beryl is the Managing Director of Complete Learning Solutions in New Zealand and was also the organiser of the NZATD conference in 2018 where Paul was one of the keynote speakers.


Hello, my name’s Beryl Oldham and I’m the Managing Director of Complete Learning Solutions in Auckland, New Zealand.

I first met Paul Matthews in January of 2016 when we bumped into each other at a large learning exhibition in London. I immediately got on with Paul and I was really happy to find someone else who was passionate about proving the transfer of learning, and learning application in the workplace. Because face it, if our learning doesn’t stick and people don’t apply it, we’ve totally wasted our training efforts. 

I had him up for a conference in 2018 where he was one of our keynote speakers and he gave an excellent keynote about the transfer of learning, and he was very generous with the way he shares his knowledge and tools and tips, if you like.

And post-conference he did a workshop for us and I know the participants really enjoyed it, particularly Nic Peacocke who works with me, she’s an absolute convert. That workshop was on performance consulting, another area dear to my heart. 

I really look forward to doing more work with Paul in the future and I’m very happy to be giving this little testimonial, he’s a great guy.