March 6, 2023

A simple key to leadership

Simple shiny golden key on a white background

Where are you a leader? Your team, your family, your friends, a whole organisation?

People will do things when they know WHY, from their perspective, those things are important.

Great leaders know this. They talk about WHY, not HOW.

And they talk about WHY in relation to what’s important for their current audience.

The WHY is what provides the motivational energy to do the HOW, so keep communicating the WHY.

The “E” in CEO could stand for Chief “Explaining” Officer, as one of the key success factors of their role is to explain the WHY, consistently, and often.

Consider this… The people who only know HOW will always be led by the people who know WHY.

Here’s another thought… The power of leadership is manifested in all those micro-moments and touch points more than in some big theatre speech.

Each day, take a moment to reflect on micro-moments when you interacted with others and had a chance to explain WHY.

How did you do?

My best wishes, Paul

Paul Matthews

CEO and Founder of People Alchemy

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