“50 Essential Tips for You to make your job easier!”

I’m Paul Matthews and for over 20 years I have worked with organisations to improve performance and make their learning more effective.

This booklet sets out 50 simple and practical tips you can use to improve your personal effectiveness and make your job easier.

Most people want to do a good job at work. They want to enjoy their work and get good results for themselves and their colleagues, their customers and their organisation. This is so much easier to do if you know some simple tips and tools.

Some people just seem to be able to do things more easily, and quicker, and have better working relationships. They know things that perhaps you don’t.

Every Monday morning, tens of thousands of people receive an email from me that contains a Monday Tip which provides them with an idea to focus on during the week to improve their efficiency at work. This little booklet contains tips selected from my weekly tip collection.

Inside this booklet, you’ll discover:
  • How to be a rock with ears
  • How to win an argument
  • Seven catchy email subject lines that work
  • Use ‘why’ power, not ‘will’ power
  • Preparing a good meeting
  • How to do more in less time
  • The secret to changing your life
  • And lots more!

I wrote the booklet because people asked me to. I have been writing a weekly tip now for over 10 years and many people say it is the one email they look forward to on a Monday morning. It gives them a specific, and often critical area of personal effectiveness to focus on for the coming week. They like the tips because they get results. Many pass the tips on to their colleagues and team members.

People asked me for a little aide-memoire of the tips they could keep on their desk, and that is how this little booklet came to be. Inside you will see there are 50 personal effectiveness tips selected from the weekly emails that have helped many people. I know this is true because of the wonderful feedback I receive.

I sincerely hope the tips help you as well.

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I am sure you will find it as thought-provoking as Adri, a manager who gets the weekly tips by email. He said “Thank you very much Paul, for your weekly mailouts. They’ve been very insightful and helpful throughout the year…” and Tammie who said “I have LOVED your emails this year! Thank you so much! They are SO useful, practical and inspirational!”

If you have any questions about the simple but powerful ideas in the booklet, please do give me a call on my direct line number 01908 200 707 or email me on paul@paul-matthews.com

My very best wishes,

Paul Matthews
Founder and MD
People Alchemy Ltd

Comments on the Essential Tips Booklet

“I just received the booklet in the post – brilliant! Certainly got me thinking about a few things we do around here, or rather, don’t do.”

 Mike (Training Manager)

“Hi Paul, you seem to have a great knack for explaining things in simple terms.”

Marie (L&D Consultant)

“I was surprised how many valuable ideas you packed into such a small booklet. I read it several times, stopping at each tip to think how it related to me and what I am doing. Every time I came up with new ideas. Many thanks.”

Sally (L&D Manager)

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