“How to reboot training
        post pandemic!”

I’m Paul Matthews and for the last 20 years, I have worked with organisations to make their learning more effective.

This eBook sets out how you can approach the redesign of your training so it is fit for remote delivery and makes positive, lasting change in your organisation.

You will get tips about
  • A remote delivery process
  • How to re-set your approach for results
  • The critical factors for learning transfer
  • Moving from event to timeline thinking

I wrote the eBook because so many people, due to COVID-19, were taking what they delivered in the classroom and moving it onto a virtual platform. In effect, they were ‘webinising’ their training course. In an emergency, this is a quick and dirty solution but it has many shortcomings which won’t stand the test of time.

Better to take a step back and redesign your course so it takes advantage of the benefits of remote delivery and results in genuine sustained behaviour change.

You do want your training course to result in behaviour change, don’t you?

Then your guiding question becomes “How can I deliver behaviour change remotely?”

If you want an answer, this eBook gives you a design process to achieve your goal.

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If you have any questions about the simple but powerful ideas in the eBook, please do give me a call on +44 (0)330 113 3005 or email me on paul@paul-matthews.com

My very best wishes,

Paul Matthews
Founder and MD
People Alchemy Ltd

Comments on the Reboot Training eBook

“I read your ebook. Really good stuff! In an easy to understand and approachable style, you point readers towards of goldmine of useful stuff.

 Jason (Learning Consultant)

“Paul, thanks so much for sharing your ebook. It was a very insightful read … one of the very best I’ve seen. I will indeed be sharing with my team. Driving sustained behaviour change is our key goal.”

Stephen (Global L&D Leader)

“I found your eBook easy to follow and the ideas simple to understand. I’ve already identified a number of gaps to close to get my area to where it needs to be.”

David (Chief Inspector, Police)

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