Learning Transfer at Work

Learning Transfer at Work book

Learn how to deliver change – not just training

The theme of learning transfer must be a high priority to all those involved with organisational learning. In our increasingly competitive and fast-changing world, results matter and development must have a clear link to measurable outcomes. This book is full of practical ideas you can use to do two things:

  1. Convince those around you that the learning transfer elephant is real
  2. Introduce processes and activities that deal with it

Why? To get you better returns on your L&D budget.

If you care about L&D, we think you’ll love this book that confronts the issues, uncovers the challenges and provides 166 tips, tools and techniques to help you be successful. It presents a highly convincing argument as to why you MUST proactively drive learning transfer. There’s also practical information to use when you need to persuade others of its necessity.

Discover how to deliver change and make sure that money spent on training translates into useful behaviour change in the workplace. Along the way, you’ll learn about:

  • The mindset you need for learning transfer
  • Where and when to start planning it
  • The common pitfalls and barriers to getting it right, as well as pervasive myths and misunderstandings
  • Why learning transfer is so often the elephant in the room… and why there are two other elephants lurking that you need to confront too.

“After reading this book, you WILL make changes to your approach to Learning and Development, and you will see the measurable impact.”

Dr Ina Weinbauer-Heidel, Founder of The Institute for Transfer Effectiveness.

“In this book, Paul takes one of the most difficult subjects for Learning and Development and deals with it in a no-nonsense style that will constantly challenge everyone who read it. We have to know that we are truly making a difference for people AND the businesses they work for… This will be a ‘must read’ and ‘need to put into practice for everyone in my team.”

Jeff Uden, Head of Talent, Iceland Foods

Learning Transfer at Work book look inside

Chapter headings:

What is learning transfer?
Why do we avoid it?
Where does it start?
Informal learning
The Learning Stack
Triggers that work

Near and far transfer
Creating new habits
The brand of L&D
166 tips, ideas and tools
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