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Paul Matthews has written 3 books on key Learning & Development topics and is invited to speak at conferences and events around the world. He consults as well, but first, he just wants to talk to you, to offer a few free ideas and do what he loves most, chat about L&D. 

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“Get Paul Matthews for more presentations. He was EXCELLENT!! Informative and entertaining. Provided information we need to be able to explain to our stakeholders before embarking on any training plan development. It left me with lots to think about…..”

Instructional Designer | HR Systems & Solutions

“Learning and development has arrived at a fork in the road. Down one fork, L&D will continue to take orders for training, coaching and e-learning. Down the other fork, you will step onto the road less travelled, and you will gain new skills that enable you to become a trusted partner whose input delivers high performing people. Which road will you take?”

Paul Matthews